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02/ No IT knowledge required!

With our all-in-one package, it's easier than ever to start your own app division. Launch your app division in 15-30 days.

How can agencies, graphic designers, content creators and marketing professionals participate in the app market while using resources and staff sensibly? In today’s digital world, having a strong presence on mobile devices is more important than ever.

Make the leap through digital transformation with our YOUR AGENCY APP DIVISION (READY TO START) package. We offer small advertising and marketing agencies, freelancers and design agencies the solution they need to quickly and professionally gain a foothold in the app market and earn money. Leverage your existing skills and resources to create your own app division and start selling apps immediately without the need for additional IT staff or resources.

03/ The App Market:

A dedicated app offers your customers what the big players in the industry already have: direct contact with the customer to retain and activate customers and win new customers.

The regional apps market has become a huge growth market in recent years and according to forecast studies, it will continue to grow in the future. But there are also challenges here, such as the lack of skilled workers and financial resources. Still, with the right approach and support, small agencies can capitalize on this growth potential.

04/ Sellable

With YOUR AGENCY APP DIVISION (READY TO START) you can create, operate and sell your own apps in just 15-30 days, thereby strengthening your presence in the digital world and increasing your competitiveness in the market.

05/ How it works:

With our “YOUR AGENCY APP DIVISION (READY TO START)” package you get everything you need to set up a successful app division, including sales documents, training courses, arguments, terms and conditions, project recording tools, financing models for customers, project management Tools and app creation tutorials. No IT skills or additional resources are required. Strengthen your presence in the digital world and increase your competitiveness by creating, operating and selling apps.

06/ The Package

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We took care of all aspects from sales to project planning to app registration and maintenance. In addition, we feel a need to promote cooperation. We are aware that there is a lot going on in our industry right now. In order not to lose track here, we think it would be good to network.

Selling: We’ve tried to make the selling as seamless as possible. Seamless also means, for example, that we are personally present at the first sales pitch and hold hands – if desired.

Project Management: The quicker the job gets done, the more money gets stuck. That’s why it’s important in this business to get everything right the first time. That’s why project management takes up so much space. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but our experience with our project management tool, which we can also use to evaluate leads, is so good that we offer it here as well.

App Creation: Creating an app should be the easiest part of all. If you don’t yet know how websites are programmed, you don’t have to learn it anymore. You don’t need any prior knowledge. The app builder tool in our bundle is really awesome. You already have everything you need: people with an affinity for graphics who can use Photoshop or Illustrator. The ability to generate content and a good strategy are enough to get started right away.

ADD ON Support: ADD ONs are needed when there is a customer who needs something extra. This is about special functions that are not yet available, so that the app cannot yet be implemented. Before we give up a customer together, let’s look for a viable solution – or create one. Of course, there are other great things hidden under this in order to achieve success as quickly as possible..

  • Personal support during sales talks
  • Sales documents: flyers, giveaways
  • Own app for own use
  • Training: On-site and digital
  • Arguments: General and industry-specific
  • General terms and conditions, schedules, project documentation, contracts, modalities, etc.
  • Project registration tool in connection with project management
  • Sample apps, video clips, branded apps
  • Ads for social media
  • Landing pages
  • Financing models for customers

Collection of customer requirements up to registration in the app stores:

  • Offers
  • Contracts
  • Terms and conditions
  • Project capture tool
  • Project planning
  • Training for the project management system

  • Tutorials, digital training, on-site training
  • Support in the development and implementation of apps
  • Assistance in registering the app in the app stores
  • Customer support: Help with technical problems
  • Updates and maintenance of the app
  • Analytics tools to monitor / optimize app performance

  • Functional expansion if you want to make your customers happy.
  • AI inspiration seminars if you want to boost your workflow.
  • Dissemination seminars with AI tools if you want to offer your customers up-to-date online marketing.

07/ You are not alone

Our goal is not only to help you, but also to build an empathetic and human connection. We offer personalized support from real people and our project management tool allows you to understand your client’s needs from start to finish. Become our partner and experience success in the app market!

  • Time saver: Let’s master the technical challenges so you can focus on your core competencies.
  • Cost efficiency: With our bundle you save significantly on costs compared to an in-house development.
  • Flexibility: Our offer is suitable for all types of companies and industries.
  • Expert Support: We’re always here to answer questions and solve problems.

08/ AI Revolution:

A new era is dawning – the AI revolution will fundamentally change the way companies work and offer their products and services. Small agencies have just gotten used to the digital world when the AI revolution begins to completely change old business concepts.

As a small agency in a fast-moving and highly competitive market, it is more important than ever not to miss the connection to the digital world. How can agencies, graphic designers, content creators and marketing professionals participate in the app market?

Be part of the AI revolution yourself and strengthen your presence in the digital world. With our innovative offer and our focus on human interaction, we are the perfect partner for you to be successful in the app market. Grow instead of giving way!

09/ Small investment,

A small investment in our YOUR AGENCY APP DIVISION (READY TO START) is enough to quickly develop a new business area.

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